health is our field
digital our path


Because on Earth, there are
14 "eight-thousanders"*.
Like in mountaineering our days are made of
planning & team spirit,
trust & patience,
challenges & creativity
*Mountains peaking at 8000 m+

When starting a climb you are always prepared to succeed, even if you cannot guarantee how fast you will go nor which unforeseen challenges you will face. All you know is that you have to count on your skills and adapt along the way. You must be prepared for unexpected situations. This is our spirit and the way we engage in new projects and challenges: with ambition, commitment and strength of will to reach the goal, with the knowledge that the scenario can change at any moment. Perhaps that’s why our clients usually say that it’s easy to work with us? We don’t know, but anyway when it happens it really makes our day!

Do Your Homework

Mountaineering also requires rigorous preparation: plan the route, understand the terrain, decide which tools you will need and so on. This is why we value research and, mainly, workshops and discovery meetings with clients. We want to understand, to identify the route and to be as prepared as possible to solve the problems we will encounter as we progress.

Plan ahead, change path fast

It happens sometimes that even when you have planned to perfection you get stuck in a tricky situation: snow drifts on the ascent, broken equipment, or a storm that turns the earth to mud. Effective project management is something on which we pride ourselves, however we know full well that sometimes you cannot stick to plan and we have the experience to rapidly adapt when the need arises. Our goal is to reach the summit, not to follow a plan.

A success is a success, size doesn’t matter.

A little boy spends his summer in the mountains near his house. Everyday he looks at one of the summits that surround him the one that looks just like how a mountain would look in the collective imagination. One day, he says to himself, I will climb that peak, and it doesn’t matter if every month at least 10 climbers manage it, it becomes his goal and his dream. For us, the size of the challenge is not what matters. When a client has a goal it becomes our goal and we do everything we are able to to help them reach it, because we know that no summit is too low or too easy and that a success is a success, it’s as simple as that.

A good team has a bright future

The history of mountaineering has been written by great teams and strong relationships. From the very first days of the english explorers and alpine guides, through the hippy revolution in Yosemite right up to today’s speed mountaineering, team alchemy and the right mix of skills and personalities, backstage or front, has led to great results. We love to team up with our clients to reach the summits together, and to maintain a strong relationship based on trust and mutual understanding. A first success is for us often just a first step in a long run of challenges.

digital health

digital health

14eight has its roots in the glorious days of corporate IT, when developing a digital solution for the healthcare domain was almost rocket science. Strong from this experience, we are today a structured and multidisciplinary team able to cover every phase of digital in this most demanding of environments, from strategy to design to multi-platform development and deliver.


Design &


Digital Strategy

Whether it is your first foray in digital or an ambitious program following years of success in the field, we are ready to support you in the analysis and strategy phase with our management team. With years of experience in the pharma and healthcare sector we are able to match your expectations and goals with the competitive scenario you are going to face, helping you to design long term strategies based upon vision, data and insights.

Project Management

We think that every project brings different challenges and need a fresh approach. That is why our project management’s philosophy is that it is really useful only when it makes everyone work better and more efficiently. This means that we use tools and techniques not to manage people but to help them getting the job done. Our success rate on this aspect speaks for us: 100% of our jobs are delivered in time. Let us take care of your projects too!

Design & Development

Planning and management is something we enjoy, but there is nothing more satisfying for us than designing, coding and delivering a new digital solution. We love the problem solving activities connected with bringing an idea to life and our team of creatives and developers is ready to face any kind of challenge. From integrations with existing systems to mobile apps, from CLM platforms and contents to engaging websites: you name it, we can do it.

Why do it alone,
when you can do it
as a team?

Who is

Introducing ourselves is a difficult and self-important exercise.

Our team?
This is the core of 14eight, the driving force of the agency, mix of competences, skills, and human behavior. We love to work together, because we are all different. This adds an unpaired richness to our daily routine.

A week at 14eight


14eight’s TIPS - excited

What’s the best way to start a new week? Gather in the meeting room and listen to a colleague talking about something new is our solution.

Every monday one of us takes 15 minutes to introduce a topic to the team, that’s how we keep ourselves updated and conscious about everyone else’s expertise


COMEX - motivated

To manage a company is a constant effort. Sometimes you can get stuck under the burden of the daily tasks and lose your vision. That is why we have a restricted committee that meets every tuesday to focus on understanding the present and deciding for the future.

In the ComEx we think about the other members of the team, the scenario in which we are operating and we find a synthesis between this two elements. This is how we grow up as a company and as a team.



Did we mention the fact that we are very serious about project management? Yes, we did.

Anyway, when we review a project it’s not only about control, what we are searching is sharing and involvement. Every team stop its activity for the necessary time on wednesday afternoon to talk about their projects, to share goals, difficulties and risks and to plan the activities for the next steps. This helps to keep every project on tracks, every team member involved in it and 14eight itself on focus.


WORK @ HOME - relaxed

Today everyone talks about work/life balance. Companies, professionals, researchers…

We tend to be quite pragmatic usually and on this topic in particular: so, as a tradition that originates from our very first steps, every Thursday every member of the team could work from home, if he wants to. We think that giving people freedom is about trusting them and trust plays a huge part in a team. Want to know what we have learned?

Easy: a day at home doesn’t impact negatively the productivity, but could make people happier.


BIZDEV - optimistic

We are not the kind of team that feel comfortable in doing the same things over and over.

We like to find and accept new challenges and that’s why a part of our team spend every friday in researching and analyzing the market and the global scenario, in order to find what the future holds for us.

We call this “Business Development” because you can not grow your business if you don’t know in deep the real world.


Any pragmatic team knows when to join external skills to his task force. Then we can ambition further objectives and new landscapes with even better results.
14eight partners with agencies that developed high level standards in close strategic fields, with a specific attention to remain aligned with our own values.

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Our main camps are established in the Basel area and in Montréal. Our network of partners runs through Europe and North America and gives us the foundations needed to take on the steepest climbs. If you are ever in the area don’t hesitate to come say Hello!

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